Ses Petites Mains, designed by
Beth Miles & made in the USA

Beth Miles, Owner & Founder of Ses Petites Mains,

Ses Petites Mains refers not only to the sweet, little hands of those who would wear the clothes, but also to the delicate details which separate disposable clothing from those you hope to cherish forever. 
Designed by Beth Miles & manufactured in San Francisco,
since 2006.

"When I first had my daughter, I was constantly scouring flea markets for items that were free of branding and trends that overwhelmed her delicate, beautiful nature.  I created
Ses Petites Mains to capture the styles and details that I so hoped to find,"  said Beth.

The youngest of seven children, Beth grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. A believer in 'idle hands create idle minds', Beth's mother taught her to sew, knit, embroider and crochet at a very young age.  Her favorite question to her sister was 'do you want to make stuff?'  And that they did.  A childhood of handwork grew into a labor of love that landed Beth in New York City where she spent ten years working for many
an esteemed design houses.

Beth Miles, Owner & Founder of Ses Petites Mains,

And in starting Ses Petites Mains, a domestically-produced mission was put in place.  Ses Petites Mains believes in supporting our local community; reestablishing the art of 'making things'; and creating a product that will stand the test of time--in its design sensibilities, as well as its quality.  Since 2006, every piece has been manufactured within San Francisco.  Ses Petites Mains is a member of SFMade, & Pacific Community Ventures. 

Ses Petites Mains has evolved into a full brand for Girls, sizes 12mo-14years, featuring a Ready-to-Wear collection; Girls dresses for Special Occasion; dresses for Flower Girls & Junior Bridesmaids; as well as a custom made collection for whatever your special needs might be. 

Ses Petites Mains celebrates the innate beauty of a child with an appreciation  of fabric and fine detail and
has been embraced by retailers & consumers alike, who care about the quiet details of childrenswear.